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  • Does Impact STEM Academy (ISA) provide STEM enrichment or tutorial services?
    ISA provides a single skilled service (tutorials) and uses STEM teaching strategies in order to prepare students for jobs in STEM and critical thinking. ISA will allow students to explore their learning under the supervision of a trained educator.
  • Can students enroll after the admission window has closed?
    Yes, students can enroll after the admission window has closed if seats are available.
  • Does ISA provide transportation?
    Not at this time.
  • How much is the weekly fee?
    The weekly tuition is 120 dollars.
  • Is there a discount for parents that have more than one child in the program?
    Yes, parents that have more than one child will receive a discount which will be handled on a case by case basis and discussed with the Director.
  • What are the Hours of Operation for ISA?
    ISA is an after school program and hours of operation are 3pm to 7pm. There will be a penalty for late pick up that will be communicated in the parent handbook.
  • What subject areas does ISA provide tutorials for?
    ISA provides tutorial services primarily in math, science, and reading for grades K-12.
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